Friday, 13 May 2011


   Morgan Robertson was a writer. He published a novel in 1898 named Titan. It was a novel which deals with greed, foolishness and pride. In this novel, it describes a luxurios ship and its first journey. The ship's name is Titan. It is beleived to be that the ship is insinkable. But Titan sinks on its first journey itself by a wreck. That ship was hit by an ice berg. Thousands of people died in that ship wreck. This was the main thread of Morgan's novel.

     The most ironical thing happened after 13 years of the publication of this novel. It was in 1912, when the unsinkable luxurious ship, the one and only The Titanic sinked on its first journey. Titanic sinks almost in the same manner as Titan did in the novel. You may laugh at these by saying that it may be co-incidental. I am giving you some interesting comparissons and on the basis of which I let you to decide whether it is coincidental or a pre-cognition of Mr. Morgan Robertson.

Facts                                                                   Titan                                 Titanic

Month of ship wreck                                             April                                   April

Passengers and crew                                             3,000                                 2,207

Lifeboats                                                                24                                       20

Length                                                                   800 fts                                 882.5fts

Propellors                                                                 3                                         3

Speed                                                                    25 nots                                 23 nots

       Now you tell are all these things some mere coincidents. Science don't have an answer.